Congratulations! The time has come, as you have arrived here because you are newly engaged or are in the process of planning a wedding! So now what?! With so many companies out there, with so many options... sometimes things can easily become overwhelming when comparing services! 

I am a firm believer in competitive pricing, but my goal is to provide you with an amazing product that you will not only be proud to look back on for years to come, but to also see the value of your choice in having me as your videographer! 


A few notes...


As with many things in life, planning a wedding is no different... it starts with a budget. If I were to give any advice it would be to not only determine your budget, but also find out what is most important to you. I often receive inquires from clients who left videography until last minute, only to find that we are all already booked. I always encourage couples to plan and book as soon as they feel comfortable! 

Don't select your vendors based only on price... we all offer something different and we all have our own styles. Take a look at the work of potential vendors and see if our style matches yours! Personality is also HUGE! Think about it... we are spending your ENTIRE wedding with you! Make sure you feel comfortable with us, make sure we make you laugh! Although we are working... I promise... its way more fun when we can joke around and enjoy your day with you! 


So you’re curious about my SERVICES and pricing?! GOOD! Now allow me to rant abouthow much I HATE complex packages!!!There is nothing I hate more than having to make overwhelming choices. My solution... 2 simple packages!! My goal is to relieve some of your stress, and make your decision process at least a little easier! 



What I offer:

  •  2 Packages: Premier Full Day 10 hours coverage, or Basic 6 hour coverage

  •  3 to 5 minute "highlight" video 

  •  Highlight and RAW footage delivered online (downloadable) 

  •  Free online hosting of your highlight so you can share with friends and family

  • My ONLY extras:

           - Full length video (approximately 30-45 minute extended edits)

           - travel expenses if applicable 

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